sobota, 05. april 2014

Long time, no see..

It's been quite a while, since I last posted. Truth is, I've been busy, either with happy things or with thinking, that put me in the bad mood. Also, I don't really know, what is the point of this blog. :)
But, yeah, today I thought, that I could share some quotes with you. I hope you'll like them! :)

nedelja, 02. marec 2014

Favourite band. The Script. :)

Last few days, I' ve been busy. And I think that this will continue into the next week also.. Also, I didn't have anything special to share with you.. but I decided, that I will give you some music to listen on this lazy Sunday. :) When it comes to favourite music, I can hardly decide.. but there is this band, that I've been listening to few years now and I'm still a fan. It's called The Script and let me know if you're a fan too! :)

If I could choose one concert to go to, it would be The Script. 
I hope that in the near future the band will have a concert near Slovenia. 
Who's with me? x)

And here are my favourite songs of this boy band :

1. If you could see me now

2. Hall of fame

3. The man who can't be moved

4. Breakeven

5. Before the worst

And the list goes on and on.. I really enjoy almost every song, created by this band. :)

I wish you a great, happy Sunday!

petek, 21. februar 2014

Liebster award - answers :)

Lovely Kristina from Christine nominated me for the Liebster Award. :) Thank you! Since I played by the rules only few days ago, I will now break them and only answer the questions from Kristina to me. :) 

1.  What do you think is the it thing in the fashion world right now?
Well, since I'm not so much in the fashion world, I don't really know..but maybe leather and burgundy! :) Oh, yeah, pastels! :)

2. What are you gonna be for masquerades?
I don't know you have any suggestions? :)

3. Which is your best destination for a vacation?
Beach! :) I would like to visit Latin America, Spain, itd. I like islands, palm trees, clear sea..

4. Who is your favorite actress?
Well, I think Jennifer Lawrence is an awesome person. But I don't really have favourite actress.

5. Do you have pets? Tell something about them.
I have a cat, which is..acting kind of crazy. :) I have it for about 8 months and currently our cat is looking like a big ball of fur.

6. What are your favorite international online shopping sites?
Call me weird, but I didn't order anything from international online shopping site...yet. :)

7.  What are your favourite Slowenian online shopping sites?
I ordered something from Lič and I was pleased, but I really don't buy a lot online..I am looking through sites and making wishlist, but then I rarely buy anything.. Yeah, that's right, I'm really weird when it comes to shopping.

8. What is your favorite book?
One of my favourite book is definitely "Čarovnica z morja" (I'm not sure about english title..Witch of the sea?)  by Phillipa Carr. My mom got it for her 13th birthday and she gave it to me on my 13th birthday. 

9. What do you think, which workouts are the best for your body shape?
I don't really know, what would be the best for me, but I definitely enjoy dancing the most. :) And walking. When it comes to running, I enjoy it when I get used to it. 

10. How did you decide for the name of your blog?
I simply wanted to remember myself, that there is always something good in every day, no matter how small that good thing is. 

11. What is your best quote?
I think that answer for this is pretty obvious. Isn't it? ;)

This are the answers. Check out Kristina's blog, if you didn't already. :)
I wish you a nice evening!

Oh, say hello to my cat! :)

četrtek, 20. februar 2014

Friday's face mask no.3

Today I chose already made face mask. ;) It is face mask, bought in Bulgaria on my vacation. Bulgaria is known by the product with rose, so I wanted to buy myself something from the cosmetics collection Rose of Bulgaria. I had troubles picking out one product, like I always have, but then I chose face mask Yogurt of Bulgaria, which contains yogurt proteins with natural rose oil. 
                                  I don't remember the price, I think it was about 8 € for 150 ml...

So, this is a quick picture of the mask. I don't know where you could get it (except in Bulgaria), but I wanted to share it with you anyway. Maybe your path will take you there and then you will remember it. :)

Sensitive Probiotic Ultra Detox face mask

On the package it says : "Face mask with instant cleansing, nourishing and relaxing effect. Contains an extremely effective combination of active ingredients- hydrolyzed yogurt protein, natural Bulgarian rose oil, vitamins, caolin. ..."

And what do I think? Well, I totally agree with the instant effect of relaxing and nourishing. It smells nice, it is very smooth and easy to apply. After 10 min it starts to tighten a little bit, but it says that you leave mask applied for about 10-15 min, so maybe this is a sign to remove it. :)
My skin feels hydrated after using this. 
I like this mask, but I wouldn't hype about it.

Did you pick up any good skin product on your travel anywhere? :)

Another smoothie. :)

I can't get used to take pictures of random stuff. So, today another smoothie recipe without picture material. 


You'll need :
2 apples, handful spinach, cinnamon, shredded coconut and 1 tbs of raisins.

Instructions :
Mix all together. You can add water. Create it by your taste. ;)
And the most important step : enjoy!

nedelja, 16. februar 2014

Liebster Award !

Thanks to Kaja from Random Blonde Law Student, who nominated me for the Liebster award. 

So, first, let's take a look which are the rules.. (copy & paste from Kaja's blog :$).

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back up to their blog 
2. State 11 facts about yourself
3. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the nominator
4. Nominate 11 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers
5. Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer
6. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Shall we see, what are the random 11 facts about me? :)

1. I originally come from little, tiny village on the countryside, but I'm living in Ljubljana (from Monday till Friday) for about 7 years now.
2. I'm not completely sure, what I want to do in my life.
3. Everytime I'm at home, in my room, I dance like crazy person. 
4. I have issues about my self confidence.
5. I compare myself with others way too much!
6. I am a cat lady. But I love dogs, too.
7. I like almost all kinds of music.
8. I wish I had more motivation for different exercises to tone my body.
9. I love food.
10. I love coffee, tea and lemonade.
11. I have one older brother.

The questions for me:

1. White winter or a winter without snow? 
White winter, without snow on the road. :D 
2. Favourite movie in 2013. 
Uff, that's tough. Maybe Hunger games..There are so many movies and I can't remember any of them right now.
3. Favourite song at the moment. 
John Legend - All of me 
4. If you have a smart phone, what is your favourite app? If you don't have one, why not? 
My phone is not that smart. :) I don't have many apps, so I guess Facebook. I don't have fancy and smart phone, because the one, that I currently have is still working. I won't change it, until it dies. Muahaha. :)
5. You just won a jackpot (1 million € or $ or SEK or whatever). Which 3 thing would you buy first or would you donate the money (be honest). 
That's a lot of money! So much money, that I don't know, what should I do with it! Maybe invest it in something...maybe spend it on some educational course.. I reall don't know!
6. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? 
Facebook, because I don't use Twitter or Instagram.
7. 3 favourite nail polishes. 
Brands or colors? Emmm, didn't try so many brands, but I like Essence a lot. For colors - vine red / burgundy, pink and mint.
8. What is your favourite beauty product at the moment.
My Kiko mascara. Opens my eyes, so I can really see. ;)
9. Music, movies (series, random TV shows also count) or books? 
I like movies a lot, but I can't live without music.
10. If you would have to decorate an apartment, what kind of style would you use, modern, minimalistic, vintage...? 
Hmm..I'm not sure.. Maybe I would choose vintage. :)
11. Sometimes life gets hard. What gets you through those hard moments?
Music & dance!

Who are the nominees?

2. BB

And here are my questions for you :

1. What's your favourite food? 
2. What makes you happy?
3. What's your/ will be your profession?
4. Share with us one of your best moments in your life. ;)
5. What are you thankful for?
6. Why did you start writing blog?
7. Would you rather to live on the countryside or in the city? Why?
8. What's your favourite type of music?
9. Are you subscribed to any of youtubers? Which?
10. Who do you trust the most?
11. What would you like to learn?

I know the questions aren't interesting, but my brains don't work as well in the evening hours. That's right, I'm more of a morning person. I hope you enjoyed this post at least a little bit. :)

Talk to you soon.:)